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kinky curly clip in hair extensions

*All hair is shipped in it's natural texture*


  • SANAI: Introducing EBLUXE Kinky-Curly Textured Extensions. The premium Human Hair Extensions that make it easy to achieve the highest level of style and beauty. Our Kinky-Curly extensions are perfect for those who desire exceptionally voluminous, glossy and healthy tresses. EBLUXE is ultra-luxurious in look and feel and its versatile styling options allow you to create flawless looks with ease.


    All of our hair is 100% Human Hair.


    Proper care means:


    - Washing and conditioning your extensions just as you would your natural hair. (We recommend doing this weekly, but you should go no longer than 2 weeks without maintenance.


    - Sleep with a satin/silk scarf or pillowcase.


    - Properly (and gently) handle and detangle your hair. 

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