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Curly hair extensions

*All hair is shipped in it's natural texture*


  • ZIA: Introducing EBLUXE Curly Textured Extensions. The premium Human Hair Extensions that make it easy to achieve the highest level of style and beauty. Our Curly extensions are perfect for those who desire exceptionally voluminous, glossy and healthy tresses. EBLUXE is ultra-luxurious in look and feel and its versatile styling options allow you to create flawless looks with ease.


    All of our hair is 100% Human Hair.


    Proper care means:


    - Washing and conditioning your extensions just as you would your natural hair. (We recommend doing this weekly, but you should go no longer than 2 weeks without maintenance.


    - Sleep with a satin/silk scarf or pillowcase.


    - Properly (and gently) handle and detangle your hair. 

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